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est. 1848

Georgetown, county seat, established 1848 near the county’s first post office, Brushy, probably at postmaster Richard Tankersley’s home near Smith Branch. The town was incorporated in 1866.  Postmasters of Georgetown were Richard Tankersley, appointed November 2, 1847 at Brushy; the name was changed to Georgetown July 27, 1848, at which time the second postmaster was Francis M. Nash; successors were Andrew J. Mackay (1849), Josiah Taylor (1850), Evan Williams (1855), Andrew Marschalk, Jr., (1856), Elias W. Talbot (1857), A. Hart (1861), Moses Steele (1862), Stephen Strickland (1863), Joseph M. Page (1865), Edward H. Napier (1866), George T. Harris (1868), A. W. Morrow (1871), John B. Napier (1871), William K. Foster (1872), Francis L. Price (1873), Ada Talbot (1882), Ada T. Whittle (1884), Daniel S. Chessher (1886), Belle P. Chreitzberg (1888), James Knight (1890), Charles W. Brooks (1894), John L. Brooks (1896), Philemon A. Schaefer (1899), William P. Fleming (1902), F. T. Roche (1914), Lavinia B. Henderson (1916), Josephine W. Roche (1916), Simon J. Enochs (1922), John M. Sharpe (1934), Felix B. Secrest (1944), Lenard R. McLaughlin (1952), Perry Hobson Martin (1954), Charles A. Forbes (1967), J. D. Thomas, Jr., (1967), V. L. Williams (1972).

Clara Stearns Scarbrough, Land of Good Water: A Williamson County History(Georgetown, Texas: Williamson County Sun Publishers, 1973, Fifth printing, 1998).

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