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Fisk – Cashion

Texas Historical Marker: no

  • Primary Town: Leander
  • Secondary Town(s): Liberty Hill
  • Cemetery Relocated to: no relocation

Historic Texas Cemetery Designation: yes

  • Williamson County Clerk Instrument Number: 2010061566
  • Williamson Central Appraisal District Property ID: R507500


2016 WCAD between CR 266 & CR 267, NW of business Angel Springs Event Center & NOTE: Milestone Community Builders is developing this property as Larkspur Park subdivision.

WCHC Vol I, pg 100 documented 1974..”one marked grave Mary A Fisk (1818-1848). There are 14 unmarked graves except for heavy deeply sunk native rocks but definitely graves by the positions as at the head & foot of a burial place. This cemetery is near the South San Gabriel River on the N side due S of the Union Hall church. It is in a densely over grown spot on a ravine & can be reached only by crossing a plowed field. The property is owned now by F.F. Davis & his wife who cared for Tom J. Cashion, Jr., whose mother was a daughter of Greenleaf & Mary A. (Manlove) Fisk. Mr. Cashion died a few years ago, in his late 90’s. He knew one infant grave was that of his infant sister & one was a 14 year old girl who died of a snake bite. A log house once stood in the center of this field long since burned. Part of the ranch is in the Garmes Survey & part in the W. H. Muhro.” As of October 2010, to view the only inscribed gravestone in this cemetery contact Alice Caughfield.

Update in 2016, per descendant Mariann Fisk Laughlin, Milestone Community Builders has purchased the property surrounding the Fisk/Cashion Historic Cemetery (WCAD R507500).  She is trying to get the developer to preserve the cemetery by fencing, etc. (Milestone agreed to place a wrought iron fence around the cemetery in 2017-2018.)  In 2017, Milestone Community Builders began developing Larkspur Park subdivision, creating Larkspur Park Blvd (CR 266).  The developer mowed the cemetery area destroying trees and dowser’s stick placements.  The developer hired G & RK Consulting Associates, LLC to perform a GPR scan in the summer of 2017 to replace the dowser’s stick placements.  The results of the scan are in the email excerpt below:

From: Mariann Laughlin [mailto:truetexaswomen@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 9:23 AM
To: Nancy Bell; Brenda Searle-Sung

15 graves were found yesterday, confirming our grave douser, Shirley Burnett’s previous findings.  As you may remember, our affidavit which was based on Tom Cashion Jr.’s oral history, stated 13 graves. Shirley believed there were 17 bodies including children buried with their parents. The perimeters of the cemetery were extended to the South to include 3 more graves.  I believe these may be the 1845 group, or they could be slaves, as Greenleaf has some listed in the 1840 census. But the fact that they are away from the family graves is a clue to this.  I am going to ask Shirley back to confirm the sex and possible age of those in the graves.  We will then begin the task of marking the graves and putting citizen of the Republic of Texas medallions on them from DRT.

Mariann Fisk Laughlin, Director, Mary Ann Manlove Fisk Fund, Organizing President, Judge Greenleaf Fisk Chapter, DRT (at Liberty Hill), Board of Management, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Admiral, The Texas Navy

Fisk/Cashion Historic Cemetery Association, 6100 El Campo Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76107

Below are links to videos taken courtesy of Nancy Bell in July 2017 of Mariann Fisk Laughlin and others giving some history of the cemetery while G & RK Consulting Associates employees were performing a GPR scan of the cemetery:

Location is Approximate (1999 Map Information): (1999 mapped C4) Verified 8/26/16 & 7/11/17

Longitude: -97.8452

Latitude: 30.6202