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Texas Historical Marker: no

  • Primary Town: Georgetown
  • Secondary Town(s): Ox Hollow
  • Cemetery Relocated to: Andice

Historic Texas Cemetery Designation: no

  • Williamson County Clerk Instrument Number: unknown
  • Williamson Central Appraisal District Property ID: unknown

Click here to view Army Corps of Engineers document


Relocation Coordinates are: 30.78068839 -97.85748747 located at 6957 FM 970, Andice.

Construction of the Georgetown Dam & Lake began in 1972 and was completed in 1979 by the Army Corps of Engineers. The lake & recreational facilities were opened in 1981. Approximately 6 (plus an “unknown”) cemeteries (Bullion, Boultinghouse, Jenkins, Keating, Sawyer, Sedwich[k]) were moved from their original locations as they would have ended up under Lake Georgetown upon the completion of the dam.

The “mapped” coordinates are the approximate original site location for historical purposes.

Location is Approximate (1999 Map Information): yes (1999 mention only) 10/6

Longitude: -97.74600000

Latitude: 30.67700000