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Adam Lawrence & Family Cenotaph [Memorial Obelisk #1]

Texas Historical Commission Marker Number:  n/a

Year Dedicated:  1968 [estimated]

Marker Size: Private funded cenotaph

Marker Text: 

In Memoriam [one side] Adam Lawrence, born in Kentucky 1799, Died at Lawrence Chapel, Texas 1878, Came to Texas in 1815, Revolutionary soldier 1836, and Sarah Miller his wife, 1803-1870, Daughter of Simon Miller.

[other side] Simon Miller, Son of Simon Miller & Elizabeth Reade, Born in Bedford County, Virginia 1780, Died in Washington County, Texas 1836, Austin Colonist 1821, Descendant of King Edward III and, Sarah Lucinda Rucker, his wife, 1783-1851.

By John Poindexter Landers, their great-great-great grandson.

Address: 2786-2806 CR 473

Primary City: Thrall

Secondary Town(s): Lawrence Chapel

Additional Information: Inside fenced area with Adam Lawrence’s log dog-run house

Longitude: -97.2375

Latitude: 30.4885

Verified Location:  Verified 5/7/2017

WCAD R375629 & WCHC’s Vol. III, pg 237…….known as Washington Bower Cenotaphs..”located near frame house of that name about 1/2 from Lawrence Chapel. Two new monuments probably erected by John Poindexter Landers in 1968 at the time some repairs where made to the frame house [733 CR 479] thought to be the oldest frame house still standing [2017–barely standing] in Williamson County.”

Family members moved this monument in 2013 when Adam Lawrence’s log dog-run house was moved to CR 473 next to church building and Lawrence Chapel Cemetery.