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Charlie Brady (1857-1919) – Georgetown City Marshall, 1st Georgetown Police Chief – Summary of J.C. Johnson Notes

Local Georgetown resident and historian, J.C. Johnson, has shared information he gathered on Georgetown’s first police chief.

Charles Brady was first appointed Georgetown City Marshal in 1887 when the current city marshal, G. W. Clark, ran afoul of Judge Glasscock and was fired by the Georgetown City Council.  His responsibilities were enforcing city ordinances, keeping peace within the city limits, keeping stray livestock from grazing on the courthouse lawn, arresting drunks, inspecting out houses and wells/cisterns within the city limits.

In August, 1892 Brady got into a heated argument with Williamson County Deputy Sheriff, James Burrel Gunn.  A gunfight ensued and Gunn was shot and killed by Brady.  The grand jury “no billed” Brady.

After serving as city marshal for almost 20 years, Brady was appointed first Georgetown police chief and was charged with organizing the city’s police force.  He served as police chief for another 20 years.

Brady was well respected in the community as a man of principle and honor, as reflected in his obituary.

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