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aka Rock House


Texas Historical Marker: no

  • Primary Town: Liberty Hill
  • Secondary Town(s): Rock House
  • Cemetery Relocated to: no relocation

Historic Texas Cemetery Designation: no

  • Williamson County Clerk Instrument Number: 187004463
  • Williamson Central Appraisal District Property ID: R556884, R021907
Anderson aka Rock House Photo Courtesy John Christeson 2012

Anderson aka Rock House Photo Courtesy John Christeson 2012

Anderson aka Rock House Photo Courtesy RG on FindAGrave 2015

Anderson aka Rock House Photo Courtesy RG on FindAGrave 2015

Anderson aka Rock House WCAD Map R556884

Anderson aka Rock House WCAD Map R556884


WCAD:  600 block CR 256, Liberty Hill

WCHCs Vol I, pg 11 per Mrs. C.M. Kauffman 1975:


The Anderson Cemetery, Rock House Community, Williamson County, Texas, is a neglected cemetery located on the north bank of the North San Gabriel River, about a quarter-mile from a country road. It is five miles northeast of Liberty Hill and about 1½ miles northeast of the intersection of U.S. Highway 183 and Farm Road 1869, the first country road north on 183. All the legible markers were copied (including several that had fallen) on April 28,1969.

Anderson, Little Artie, daughter of G.G. & E.M. Anderson; born Aug.12,1885; died Aug. 16,1885.
Bond, R.L.; born 1858; died 1899.
Canady, B.M.; born Oct,7,1879; died Dec.11,1918.
Canady, Budy; born Apr.30,1897; died Dec. 8, 1900.
Cannady, Jas.; died Oct.20,1908; age 70 years.
Cannady, Mrs. Mary E., wife of James Cannady; born Oct.10,1840; died Aug. 19,1899.
Carter, N.A.; born 1833; died 1912.
Dycus, A.M.; born Aug.22,1873; died Oct.12,1898; aged 24 yrs., 1mo., 20 ds.
Dycus, E.H.; born May 15,1837; died Aug.19, 1897.
Dycus, Nancy Catherine, wife of E.H. Dycus; born Oct.3l,1840; died Sept. 18, 1914.
Dycus, T.L.; born Dec.22,1843; died Sept.27, 1876.
Scott, Georgia A., wife of T.W. Scott; born June 10,1852; died Sept. 20, 1945.
Scott, M. L., daughter of T. W. & G.A. Scott; born Feb. 6, 1871; died March 23,1871.
Tumlinson, Davie, son of B. S. & S. E. Tumlinson; born and died Jan,1, 1905.
Williams, Mary E., daughter of J.H. & S.E, Williams; born Sept. 11,1871; died Apr. 13,1876.
Williamson, Minnie Ula, daughter of J.H. & M.J.Williamson; born Mar.6,1880; died Nov.11,1883.
Williamson, William, son of J.P.(?) & M.J. Williamson; born Sept.14,1875; died Jan.13,1877.
Wood, L.; born Jan.11,1799 & died Jan. the 18 1876.

Information courtesy of
Mrs.C.M. Kauffman.
Copied by Myreta Matthews. 1/29/75”

NOTE: Per John Christeson on Find-A-Grave, his first paragraph is referring to a separate Anderson "Family" Cemetery instead of this Anderson Rock House "community" cemetery. His remaining remarks…”on FM 3405 turn S on CR 256 & drive 0.9 miles to the cemetery entrance, behind a posted & locked gate on your left. This gate is at the former community of Rock House, which has disappeared. The cemetery is now located on private property. Cemetery is located about 8 minutes away along the old road which ends at a field. Continue E along the S edge of field. As you near the end of the field look in the woods to your right for an iron fenced enclosure and this is where the cemetery is located in heavy groundcover which may hide some of the gravestones. There are three iron fenced enclosures with two gravestones each & other gravestones scattered about. As of March 2016 the property on which the cemetery is located was purchased by Brendon Welch who operates the property as a Nature Preserve. He has erected a fence around the cemetery which he now maintains. To gain access to the cemetery contact Brendon at 682.215.0169.”

Location is Approximate (1999 Map Information): (1999 mapped C3) Verified 10/28

Latitude: 30.70001800
Longitude: -97.85945500

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