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Unidentified or Lost – For Negroes

Texas Historical Marker: no

  • Primary Town: Georgetown
  • Secondary Town(s): Andice, Florence
  • Cemetery Relocated to: no relocation

Historic Texas Cemetery Designation: no


In 2016, a Deed in Williamson County records was inadvertently found while looking for something else stating, “…less however, one hundred acres of land heretofore conveyed by us [A.A. Teague & wife, M.C. Teague] to R.J. Teague, and one acre of land heretofore conveyed by us to the negroes as a place of burial, which two tracts of one hundred acres and of one acre, are not conveyed in this instrument.”

Five county documents were found from April 9, 1886 to January 13, 1910 to document the original purchase by the Teague family of 424 acres in the C H Delaney Headright League and subsequent sells of 100 and 323 acres to the Teague’s sons; and 1 acre they sold for $35.00 to “…John Smith, Tom Williams & Jim Maxwell, and the further consideration that this land is conveyed to these parties for the purposes of a Cemetery for negroes.” The 1 acre is described as being situated “..out of the L.P. Dyches League…”

L.P. Dyches League must have been incorrectly listed on the Warranty Deed (190601220DR) as the other four deeds describe the 424 acres as being out of the C.H. Delaney Headright.

Based on this information, coordinates are centroid of C H Delaney Survey, Abstract A-181.

Location is Approximate:  Not in 1999 notebook or on map

Longitude: -97.8061409

Latitude: 30.7554772