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Texas Historical Commission Marker Number: 13588

Year Dedicated: 2006

Marker Size: 27″ x 42″

Marker Text:

Zion Lutheran Church of Concordia was established in 1882 as a place of worship for immigrants of German-Wendish descent. The Wends are a Slavic people from the German area of Lusatia, near the border with the Czech Republic and Poland. Settlers immigrated to Texas in the 1850s with the Reverend John Kilian. After founding a new homeland in present-day Serbin (Lee County), a number of the pioneers began migrating in the late 1870s to the northeastern part of Williamson County. Their settlement later became known as Walburg.

Under the guidance of the Reverend J.H. Maisch, settlers organized the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Concordia here. The church’s nine charter members were Wilhelm Andres, August Doehre, Albert Krause, John Neitsch, Albert Ramm, Andreas Schneider, Jacob Schomber, John Schulze and Carl Streich.

The church cemetery was also established in 1882, with the first recorded burial occurring the same year. Since education was of primary importance to the settlers, they also founded a school at that time which continues to educate students today.

The congregation grew throughout the years despite challenges. A fierce June 1886 tornado wreaked havoc on the community and moved the church building off its foundation. Members have rebuilt and placed additions on both the school and the church. After over a century, Zion Lutheran Church and School continue to impact the residents of Walburg and Williamson County by serving as a place of worship and an educational institute. Since 1971, the church has served the community through the annual Wurstbraten sausage supper.     (2006)

Address: 6001 FM 1105

Primary City: Walburg

Secondary City: Georgetown

Additional Information: none

Longitude:  -97.5993

Latitude:  30.7424

Verified Location:   Verified 1/23/2019