In 2016, the Williamson County Historical Commission membership agreed a new website was in order to keep up with technology. To begin this endeavor from scratch, Diane Gaume was contracted to select the website’s template with layout and provide a WCHC member with instructions in creation. In attempting to document all historical markers and cemeteries, with their GPS coordinates in Williamson County, the “primary” source used was WCHC’s 3-volume notebooks copyrighted in 1999 (see below) with corresponding 1999 map (see below) and 1986 map (see below). Then the Williamson County Clerk & the Williamson County Appraisal District records were searched for cemetery legal documents, obtaining instrument numbers and property tax numbers. The findings were checked against information found on websites: Three Legged Willie, Find-A-Grave, TxDOT database,, Texas Historical Commission Atlas, The Portal to Texas History, United States Board on Geographic Names, United States Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey (USGS), & Geographic Names Information System (GNIS). Consultations with many individuals, to name a few, Wayne Ware, John Christeson, Mickie Ross, Dan Doss, Joe Burgess, Eloise Brackenridge, Bob Brinkman, Dale Flatt, Mariann Laughlin, Karen Thompson, & Patrick Stevens. Thank you to Kelly Clark and Jan Raesz for their help with posting pictures and writing summaries for the oral histories. During this time, many miles were driven to historical markers and to a lesser degree cemeteries, to take pictures and make note of the coordinates in order to map as accurately as possible on the website. Some historical markers are missing. Research was done to try to find them. Some of the missing were found and have (or will be) put back for the public to view. Some cemeteries are on private property and could not be accessed. Some cemeteries the exact location is unknown or there is nothing left to be found. On March 13, 2019 this website has gone “live.” It is a work-in-progress. Please enjoy! All feedback is welcome.

Sources & Acronyms

WCHC = Williamson County Historical Commission

WCHC Notebooks = Williamson County Historical Commission’s Survey Committee copyright 1999 “Cemeteries & Historical Markers of Williamson County 1999”.  Compiled by: The Williamson County Historical Commission Survey Committee, Georgetown, TX, 1973-1975, Edited by Clara Stearns Scarbrough, Georgetown, TX June 1975, Copyright 1981 by the Williamson County Historical Commission.  There are 2 notebooks; 3 volumes.  [The notebooks are located at the Williamson Museum, Georgetown Library, & Round Rock Library.]

1986 Map = Accompanied the “WCHC Notebook.”  The map shows main roads marking the location of cemeteries within Williamson County.

1999 Map = Accompanied the “WCHC Notebook.”  The map shows main roads marking the location of historical markers and cemeteries within Williamson County.

Clara Stearns Scarbrough, “Land of Good Water: A Williamson County History” (Georgetown, TX: Williamson County Sun Publishers, 1973)

WCAD = Williamson County Appraisal District

THC = Texas Historical Commission

TxDOT = Texas Department of Transportation

[ ] = The “original” information has been added to and/or corrected within the brackets.


Cemeteries: Usually when viewing a cemetery’s page – provided the information is available – first will be WCAD’s listed address; second will be text from WCHC’s Notebook; and then possibly followed by directions to the cemeteries given over the years by numerous unknown persons. All the directions were kept for historical purposes. However, with developments and new road construction a lot of the historical directions will be incorrect. New updated directions might be given.

1975 Texas Historical Commission HISTORICAL MARKER CATEGORIES:

(1) = 1936 Texas Centennial Markers & Texas War for Independence Markers erected by the State of Texas

(2) = Civil War Markers erected by the State especially for the Civil War Centennial, 1961-1965

(3) = Texas Historical Markers & Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks (RTHL); also granite historical markers erected by the State

(4) = Private, State approved markers

(5) = 1936 Texas Centennial Grave Markers & Texas War for Independence Grave Markers (Round plaque “Citizen of the Republic of Texas 1836-1846” w/star & wreath)

2016 Texas Historical Commission HISTORICAL MARKER CATEGORIES:

(6) = Recorded Texas Historic Landmark (RTHL) marker used for buildings & structures that carry historical & architectural significance

(7) = Historic Texas Cemetery (HTC) markers are only for burial grounds previously awarded a HTC designation

(8) = Subject marker used for all other topics, such as individuals, events, communities & institutions

(9) = Undertold markers to address historical gaps, promote diversity of topics, & proactively document significant underrepresented subjects or untold stories